Sohini Mitra

Sohini Mitra

Sohini Mitra


Avant Garde Films

Over the last 17 years, Sohini’s passion for content and production has driven her to hone her creative, digital & production skills and be at the top of her game.

Her creative fix comes from helping companies give life to new brands, or imaginatively express existing brands. Providing great ROI to her clients is the endgame, and she can proudly say that every one of them has benefited monetarily from her work.

Her experience is both extensive and non-traditional, from daily operational management to big-picture planning. She is no longer happy just producing content, her kick comes from the entire creative process – right from innovative ideating to planning, producing, leading and finally breathing life into the idea. At the end of it all, she is at her happiest when she is creating and producing unique work that bypasses the brain’s radar and goes straight to the heart.

Experience has taught Sohini to balance the creative with the practical, which has led to award-winning work. Her biggest pay-out is videos that increase TRP & viewership— her client’s happiness is her happiness! Her work ethic, customer relationships, and creativity have contributed heavily to her success.

She is privileged to lead a very talented team of designers and artists through the maze of creatives, production and post VFX. Together, they bring brands to life through physical spaces, products, systems, experiences, and communications, putting out quality work on tight deadlines every time.

She also does a host of other leadership/management things to expand her horizons: inspire her teams, mentor and coach, hire people who are smarter than her, take on speaking engagements, develop new business-you get the drift.

Sohini takes on every challenge with delight and an entrepreneurial spirit. She is an adventurer, a thrill-seeker, a believer in turning ideas into reality and creating a positive impact on the world!

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